The electronic services or e-services are  services which are delivered on the electronic support provided by the information and communication technologies; these services goal is to develop electronic applications towards the citizen and with a high availability also at his/her home. The quality criteria of the online services are grouped in the following classes: useness, contain, management, throughput and benefits. The electronic services deployment for home daily activities forces the end-user to accomodate and learn to apply and use the electronic technologies and the information applications. The end-user should use the PC for the desired scenarious programming, also to learn and use Internet for his/her current tasks. This approach enables for more complex electronic services development while considering their usenesess.

The home electronic services address 3 major challenges:

  • The home access to the public electronic services;
  • Tele-monitoring and/or tele-assistance and also buildings security, fires control, medical and/or social care for childrent, olders people and chronic patients;
  • The remote control for home automatic devices within the smart home;

The citizens requirements while considering their relationships with public institutions could be achieved though  the communications technologies within the public administration, especially the Internet-based ones with electronic services.



INSCC Involvment

INSCC is involved in research projects with the following targets:

  • Providing support for the strategies at concepts, techniques and access networsk management level (with cooper, fiber, radio tramsmission media) and providing the electronic servicess access for end-users, according to eRomania government programme;
  • The analysis of the accesibility increasing impact for the novel electronic services deployment;
  • Solutions for electronic services accesibility increasing based on the broadband infrastructure enhancement for home electronic services support.

Research Projects

The reseach projects of INSCC in this field include:

  • the enhance of the e-services accesibility through the broadband access networks architectures optimization according to e-Romania strategy;
  • The communications technologies integration for development a support platform for public and personal electronic services according to e-Romania strategy;
  • The strategy for 4G systems introduction supporting electronic services development according to e-Romania strategy;
  • The communications tehcnologies using for home electronic services development;
  • The evaluation system for the quality of services in mobile applications for electronic business-mSQE;
  • The evaluation system for the quality of the public online services provided to citizens and business (E-ServEval)

The main achievements of the research activities in this field:

  • Creating a contention framework for Internet access services providing in order to ensure costs reduction;
  • The availability ensuring in local access networks;
  • Development of the infrastructure for data, voice and images high-speed communications supporting the Information Society;
  • The technical performances enhancement and the data communications security;
  • Promoting the interoperability and standardization for the information transport infrastructure;
  • The communication alternative networls development and their interconnection for data transmission

Papers in journals and conferences – selection::

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