1st Objective : Modern and flexible access:

  • Methodology for determining the influence of network parameters on the quality of communication services offered in 4G networks;
  • Study overview of the telematics applications on RFID support;
  • Study on the presentation of IP multimedia services using advanced radio communication systems;
  • Study on development of digital broadcasting system DVB-H;
  • Presentation manual of medical telemetry services on wireless support;
  • Methodology for assessing the quality of cable distribution networks for digital television signals;
  • Presentation manual of the service offered by DVB IP (electronic dissemination);
  • Technical requirements for electro-acoustic parameters, ISDN terminal equipment, in accordance with European standards.
  • IMS services offered by 3G networks;
  • The evolution of digital terrestrial television system DVB-T prospects;
  • Broadband wireless access systems compliant with IEEE 802.xx.standards.

 2nd Objective: Creşterea accesibilităţii la serviciile vocale, video şi multimedia, folosind suport fizic 

  • Guide the application of methods for assessing and improving the quality of broadband communications services supported by IP-based networks;
  • Solutions for the provision of “triple play” services (voice, data, video) using new access technologies on physical support;
  • Solutions for implementing new telematic services with the support of Next Generation Networks (NGN);
  • Technical solutions for providing universal Service in electronic communications in accordance with Directive 2002/22EC (Universal Service Directive) of the European Union.

 3rd Objective: Harmonizing Romanian technical regulations with European technical rules on unrestricted access to specialized data networks 

  • Study on risk management in the field of data protection in telemedical applications;
  • Web Study and glossary of technical terms essential to electronic communications; 
  • Procedures and methods of implementing security technologies to protect electronic communications services and applications.

 4th Objective: Increasing the quality of services provided by terminal equipment in fixed telecommunication networks 

  • Methods of traffic and QoS analysis in support network for telemedical services;
  • Study and measurement of speech transmission quality in Voice over IP (VoIP) and Internet;
  • Technical requirements and methodology for measuring the technical parameters that affect QoS for VoIP terminals, in accordance with European standards;
  • Technical requirements for electro-acoustic parameters, ISDN terminal equipment, in accordance with European standards;
  • Methodology for measuring the electro-acoustic parameters for ISDN terminal equipment;
  • Technical requirements imposed on terminal equipment for fixed telecommunications services to improve the quality of communications systems for people with disabilities, in accordance with European standards;
  • Technical requirements and test methods for terminal equipment, necessary for the operation of transmission service in the local analog loop of displayed messages;
  • Perceptual measurements of quality of speech transmission in public electronic communications in Romania.

 5th Objective: Harmonization and alignment with EU standards in the field of postal communications 

  • Study aimed at updating the glossary of specific terms used in postal communications and electronic realization, in accordance with the Universal Postal Union regulations and directives of the European Union;
  • Study on the treatment and handling of hazardous materials transported in packages, according to the Universal Postal Union regulations and directives of the European Union;
  • Study regarding the additional services offered by the postal service on items of correspondence – letters, in accordance with UPU regulations, EU directives;
  • Study regarding the special services offered by the Postal Service on postal parcels, in accordance with the Universal Postal Union regulations and directives of the European Union;
  • Study on the necessary conditions for security of the Post that operators must meet in postal services.






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