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Co-financed project from the European Development Found through the Operational Programme Copetitiveness 2014-2020

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Project Title:

Dispatching and Management Center for Optimizing Home Care Integrated Services



Funding amount: 5.448.125 lei of which 4.500.000 lei irredeemable

Implementation period: September 2016 – September 2019


Project summary:

The project aims to create multiple partnerships for knowledge transfer in order to develop the ICT support necessary for the implementation of multiple Dispatching and Management Centers for optimizing home care integrated services - CDMS, as a support for offering medical and social services at home.

Offering medical and social care services at home may be accomplished by the means of an integrated home care system aimed towards people with a high dependency degree or with low mobility for maintaining their autonomy and increasing their quality of life, by keeping them in their own homes.

The home care services should be available and affordable for all the elderly and contribute to their well being, in their living environment. The purpose of these services is to allow the main beneficiaries to live in their own homes as independent as possible, while maintaining their safety and allowing them to enjoy social activities. The elderly should be able to choose the timing and the types of support services they wish to receive.

The project aims to solve the technical and organizational matters involved in the development and implementation of a CDMS center. A CDMS may bring significant improvements in the management of technical, human and economical resources of a home care services providers - FIDs, which represent a field of activity with an increasing demand in the current years in Romania, too.

Considering the increasing number of old people in Romania and the fact that the medical system can not handle the long-term hospitalization of people suffering from chronic affections, the role of home care services providers increases. FIDs may offer social along the mandatory medical services. Offering medical and social services at home may be optimized by using a support platform, based on ICT technologies integrated in a CDMS center.


Project Manager: PhD. Eng. Sorin PUȘCOCI


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